As a company, Wyld began with not only financial, growth, and business goals in mind, but also with the goal to become an eco-champion, an advocate for nature, and to share what makes our planet spectacular and the reasons we must protect it.  

Sustainability and the environment have been part of Wyld’s DNA since our inception, and we're thrilled that we’re able to join hundreds of other Climate Neutral Certified brands in taking meaningful action for a healthier planet.  

We believe that taking responsibility for business-related impacts on climate change requires immediate action. As the next step in our sustainability journey, we are thrilled to say that we’re officially Climate Neutral Certified! The process to become Climate Neutral Certified has been a diligent effort to measure, offset, and reduce our carbon footprint. 

In addition to our own commitment to climate neutrality, we actively work and partner with organizations focused on bettering their own communities. From clean waterways to volunteer-planted trees, to maintaining healthy environments for pollinators, Wyld works for a better planet. 

We believe that being an eco-champion can be achieved through impacts large and small, and that it often starts with your own community -- making the changes you wish to see around you. 


Check out a few of our wonderful community partners below: 


Friends of Trees 

Friends of Trees, a local Portland tree-planting organization, helps the environment while bringing people together through the act of planting trees in Portland neighborhoods and natural areas.  

Friends of Trees inspires people to improve the world around them through a simple solution: Planting trees. Together.  

By creating an urban canopy through planting both street and yard trees or restoring sensitive natural areas by way of planting native trees and shrubs, there is no doubt that the 870,000+ trees planted by Friends of Trees since 1989 play a vital role in our region’s livable environment.  

Wyld team members actively volunteer with Friends of Trees to plant and support the local communities we live in, while also supporting communities in need of green spaces and restorative work.  

For more information or to get involved, click here. 


Freshwater Trust 

The Freshwater Trust is an organization that creates tools and programs to accelerate the pace and scale of freshwater restoration by focusing on water quantity, water quality, research & technology, and compliance solutions. The Freshwater Trust protects and restores freshwater ecosystems. Using science, technology and incentive-based solutions, they are changing the course of conservation on a timeline that matters. 

The Freshwater Trust is the nation's first to work collaboratively with landowners to keep more water in our rivers, they apply strategic solutions to improve water quality and restore critical habitats and with innovation and new technologies, TFT can also determine the ecological outcomes of restoration projects. 

 Learn more about the The Freshwater Trust by clicking here. 


Detroit Hives  

Detroit Hives believes that a healthy future for bees reflects a healthy future for humanity. The health of those in our inner-cities, specifically people of color, is often the last to be considered – Detroit Hives is on a mission to change this by transforming vacant lots into sustainable urban bee farms and pollinator friendly spaces, revitalizing neighborhoods. Detroit Hives is a honeybee education and conservation initiative that engages urban communities in their mission by creating cultural experiences that are both educational and relatable.  

 Through partnerships like ours, Detroit Hives has been able to continue their on-going mission by introducing 120,000 honeybees in Detroit’s Osborn community to support pollinator education and conservation, while working to address food insecurity.  In 2022, Detroit Hives harvested over 80 pounds of raw honey, while leaving behind at least 100 pounds of honey for the bees to eat over the winter.  

To learn more, or to get involved, head to Detroit Hives’ website. 


Read more about Wyld’s pillars of commitment HERE.