Common Questions


How much CBD is in each serving of Wyld CBD? 
Wyld CBD gummies and beverages are made with 25mg of hemp derived CBD.
What's the difference between 250mg and 500mg gummies? 
250mg bottles contain 10 gummies.  500mg bottles contain 20 gummies.  All Wyld CBD gummies are made to contain 25mg of CBD per piece. 
 How much CBD should I take? 
Every body is different, and responds differently to CBD. We recommend consulting with your health care provider if you have questions about how much CBD you should consume based on your unique needs. Most people take one gummy or drink one can per day to experience Wyld CBD.
How long does it take to receive my order? 
Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Most orders arrive within 3-5 days after shipping. If you have questions about shipping times for your location, please don't hesitate to contact us at