As part of Wyld’s goal to combat the failed war on drugs, we are dedicated to helping with 420 expungements per year. These expungements wipe criminal records clean of cannabis or related charges. Wyld Brands work with organizations to help reduce the barriers to expunging records and seeks to reform the policies and practices that have criminalized the cannabis industry. We support restorative justice efforts and help to create opportunities that enable marginalized communities favorable access to the cannabis industry. 

Break Barriers 

Sometimes the biggest perceived barriers can be broken down to be more manageable through supportive actions. For people living with cannabis related charges on their records, the barrier to getting those expunged can sometimes be overcome with a small fee. An expunged record can open up a whole new world of opportunities - things that many of us take for granted, from getting a job and to voting, to finding stable housing or a business loan.   

 Wyld Brands are committed to sponsoring 420 expungements per year. We do this to support our community and the continuing battle against the failed war on drugs. Join us in the fight and help change a life. The organizations below are working in their states to expunge records - a donation of as little as $10 can be enough to make an impact.     

  • We all deserve a chance for redemption. Any donation can help support expungements near you. Check out a few organizations we support below. 
  • Show up! Support local organizations to make an impact in your community.  
  • Over 50% of Americans support legalization*. Dare to right the wrongs.  



 Read more about Wyld’s pillars of commitment HERE. 


*Data from ACLU