Wyld CBD offers full lines of real fruit infused, broad-spectrum Hemp CBD gummies and sparkling waters. As of 2023, Wyld CBD is the #1 CBD gummy and sparkling water brand in Natural Grocers nationwide.

The popularity of Wyld Brands have been built with flavors inspired by our love of nature, high quality ingredients, consistent dosing, and one goal in mind: to produce the best tasting edibles in the world. Wyld as a whole has built a reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable experiences which consumers can rely on. Not only do all of our products have great flavor, they are designed and continuously improved by our team of food scientists and quality experts. We proudly offer our best.

Wyld is not a candy. It’s a culture.

A culture of people who believe in healthful consumption as a method for momentary progress. 

An opportunity to take hold of the current instant, and shape it into something no one thought would ever be allowed. 

Wyld is disruptive, unconstrained, willing to defy gravity.  We make our dreams a reality every day, and we are just beginning.

What began as three college friends over a two-burner stove is now a top tier CBD brand. 

We’ve made this journey by remaining independent, and staying true to our vision of a better definition of success. 

We have focused on building a strong community who all agree on one thing:

Wyld works.

We believe in giving back to our communities, protecting our ecosystems, and contributing to progressive change within our society.

As we have grown, we have been fortunate to be empowered to give back to our communities, participate in protecting our ecosystems, and contribute to progressive change within our society.

As a company, we have made a commitment to support, promote, and engage with organizations that are committed to social and racial justice, the health and wellness of our communities, repairing the negative and significant impacts of the War on Drugs, and being stewards and protectors of the environment.

We will continue to push for a better future, and use our success to power positive outcomes for people and the planet.