How to Earn Points

  1. Navigate to our Rewards Page and sign up for an account to gain 100 easy points!
  2. Looking for 25 more points? Through the link on our website, head to our Instagram account and give us a follow!
  3. Receive points on every purchase you make. 1 Dollar = 1 Point
  4. 100 points for your birthday?! Add your birth date for points during your special month!

How to Redeem Points

Once you’ve navigated to our Rewards Page, you can view your available points. Click “Redeem My Points” and copy & paste your code at checkout or add to your next product subscription order

Ordered But Didn’t Receive Points?

Please ensure your account has been activated and you have logged in! Once confirmed, please reach out to our support team at support@wyldcbd.com and we will happily add the missing points to your account.

Used Points On An Order But Needed To Cancel

Not to worry, points will be returned to the account automatically. However, if you don’t see those points available in a few days, please reach out to our customer support team at support@wyldcbd.com for assistance!

Have a Subscription And Want To Use Some Points?

  1. Head to your loyalty home page and scroll down to 'Points Available to Redeem
  2. Hit the red 'Redeem' button under the available points to use and copy the code provided
  3. Click on the Person Icon located at the top right side of your webpage and 'Manage Subscriptions'
  4. Under your 'Active Subscriptions',  'Edit' the product subscription you wish to apply your discount to
  5. Below your Email Address is 'Apply Discount'. Once successfully applied, the page should refresh and you should see the discount applied under the Product and above the Order Now Button


Creating a New Subscription And Want To Use Some Points?

Unfortunately, at this time discounts redeemed using points cannot be used for first time subscription orders. We are actively working on a solution for this and will be happy to update our FAQ once available!